3 Ways to Stay on Trend this Spring

Puff Sleeves

This is a SUPER fun and SUPER girly trend that we can't get enough of. You do have to be somewhat careful when styling these in regards to proportions. Because this trend can be attention grabbing (in a good way), it's important to keep the rest of your outfit very streamlined. Maybe try a puff sleeve top with ripped high-waisted mom jeans, or a slim fitting maxi-skirt.

Polka Dots

So this one pretty much comes around almost every year, but really - who's complaining? It's a classic print, and what's more fun and flirty than a polka dot dress, ya know?

Straight Leg Jeans

We never really thought this day would come, but skinny jeans are slowly starting to leave the scene. Can't say we're super sad about it. Let the ankle breathing commence!! As long as low-rise jeans never make their way back, we're totally fine with this trend.