Must-Have Style Tips for Tall Women

When you’re tall, finding the right clothes can be a challenge. You’ve probably bought pants that hit way above your ankle or tops with sleeves that fall short (literally). Or maybe you're curvy and struggle to find plus size styles made for a taller stature. Keep reading to find out what it means to be tall, how to shop for pieces that fit, and all the expert styling tips for your unique frame.

What is a tall frame?

Determining if you have a tall frame is all about height, so keep reading for specifics. Here are three characteristics that might mean you’re in this category:

• You’re 5’9” or taller

• Your inseam is 32” or longer

• Sleeves and pant legs are often too short

Keep in mind, these won’t all be the case for everyone. Taller frames come in all sizes and proportions—you may have legs that need a longer inseam, but may never really have an issue with sleeve length. 

3 style tips for tall women

1. Know your body shape

Are you an apple, pear, hourglass, or something else? Identifying your body shape will help you find pieces that are just right for you.

2. Know your measurements

In addition to your shape, your inseam and arm lengths are important measurements to have on hand when shopping for clothes.

3. Know your proportions

If your seat hits about halfway down your frame, you’re likely a true tall. If not, you may just need tall tops or pants, not both.

Need More Help?

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