How to Wear an Oversized Sweater Vest

Today, we’re breaking down how to hop on the oversized sweater vest trend.

This popular outfit formula mixes layers and texture, creating a classic look with a bit of edge, ideal for a date night, dinner with friends, or a casual but festive holiday event.

As always, we're creating outfit formulas with many pieces you probably already own.

Let’s get started.

How to Wear an Oversized Sweater Vest

First, let’s talk about the key piece, a simple knit sweater vest. Every Effortlyss Style client will receive one of these vests in the coming months, so be on the lookout in your box!

Keep in mind; this particular piece is oversized and exaggerated. It’s supposed to be statement-making. 

You will layer this or any vest of your liking over a simple, inexpensive white or black button down. OR, you could go with a neutral colored, form-fitting, long-sleeved body suit.

oversized sweater vestoversized vest houndstooth

Next up, let's talk pants.

For this look to work you have to use a slim cut pant or faux leather leggings because the volume of the look is in your top. Anytime you wear an oversized top, the bottom needs to be slim or “skinny.” This is how you create balance in an outfit!

You could also go a more fun and youthful route by pairing this with a white or black skirt and your favorite pair of winter boots!

oversized sweater vest with leggingsoversized sweater vest with skirtstyling oversized sweater vest

For shoes you have several great options. 

We like white over the knee boots, chunky black Doc Martins (or anything similar), and neutral colored loafers. 

oversized sweater vest with trendy shoes

Finally, we suggest one big, substantial accessory piece. We love bucket hats, a luxury or trendy fanny pack or crossbody, chunky chain style necklaces, and oversized blazers draped over one shoulder.

sweater vests with accessory 1oversized sweater vest


Will you be trying out the sweater vest trend? Let us know in the comments below!