How To Style Leather Joggers: The Perfect Winter to Spring Transition Piece

There’s no doubt that joggers are one of the hottest (and comfiest) outfit staples pieces today, but if you’ve never tried them before, figuring out how to style joggers can be confusing!

They are so versatile, making just as much sense in the gym or on a lunch date as they do on the runway. It may seem easier said than done, so your Effortlyss Style team is here to answer all your big questions about how to style joggers - specifically the trendy leather ones. Trust us, by the end of this blog, you’ll be an expert, too! 

Question 1: How do I wear joggers without looking frumpy?

Leather Joggers

This might be the most frequent question we get about how to style joggers! It’s a totally understandable misconception – it’s hard to believe that a pair of pants so cozy can be anything but frumpy. The key is to contrast the bagginess of the joggers with more fitted pieces on top. A fitted tank or slim blouse with a pair of joggers can allow you to dress up or down without looking or feeling frumpy at all!

Question 2: What shoes should I wear with joggers?

Leather Joggers

The possibilities are endless when it comes to deciding which shoes to pair with your leather joggers! A solid platform shoe is, no question, eternally trendy. The additional height from a platform shoe contrasts the slim bottom of joggers very well. For a dressier look, a block heel is sophisticated and elegant. And, of course, you can never go wrong with white sneakers.

Question 3: How do you dress up joggers for work? 

Leather Joggers

Whether you’re going into the office or still rocking some WFH style, joggers are the comfy companion you’ll need to manage the modern day workplace stress. Believe it or not, you can create a totally professional-chic outfit that incorporates leather joggers! Pair a solid jogger with a fitted, cute tank, a structured blazer, and your favorite heels. 

Question 4: Can I wear joggers with a denim jacket?

Leather Joggers

Absolutely! Denim is universally versatile, making it a natural companion for joggers! 

Question 5: What tops pair best with joggers?

Leather Joggers

The truth is, you can pair just about any top with joggers, just as you would with jeans! That being said, we do have our favorites. We’ve already let you know that a fitted tank is super cute and easy with a jogger, but it’s not the only option! A crop top balances out a jogger stylishly. If you have an oversized pullover or t-shirt on hand, give it a french tuck for a casual and sporty look.


Are you ready to try the coziest wardrobe staple? Now that you know how to style joggers, let’s get your Effortlyss Style Quiz started today!  You deserve to feel cozy and stylish this year, and this is the perfect place to start!