4 Easy Resolutions That Aren't Too Late to Keep

We might be 2 weeks into 2021, but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed the chance to set a goal that you can commit to for the year ahead. We’ve set aside 4 resolutions that aren’t too late to keep (and are also easy to maintain)!


If you want to work on your organizational skills in the New Year, start small and invest in a planner that can help you categorize your day to day. From your meetings, to your social life, to the kids’ schedules, finding the perfect planner can easily transform your daily routine. Spend 5 minutes at the end of each day laying out what you have on the agenda for the following day. You will wake up with a renewed sense of purpose and a planner to throw in your bag and keep you right on track.


Like most American’s, at the start of each year, we set goals to eat better and make healthier choices, but such open-ended resolutions can leave us feeling overwhelmed by where to start and disappointed when things don’t go as planned. One of our favorite tricks to a healthier you is as simple as starting your day by taking your vitamins. When you consciously begin each day with this simple act based on a goal to move towards a healthier lifestyle, you will likely see yourself making healthier choices. You might find yourself reaching for fruits and veggies rather than your favorite baked goods. Habits don’t form overnight, but when you implement an action into your daily routine, no matter how small, it is sure to have a positive impact.


Making your bed first thing every morning can have a positive impact on the rest of your day. If you are looking to boost productivity in the New Year, start small by tidying up your bed when you get up each morning. Not only will it keep you from crawling back into bed, but it will help bring structure to your morning routine, boosting productivity in return.


Getting rid of things that you never wear is a great start to cultivating a wardrobe that you are proud of. Whether that means you immediately start the shopping process, filling gaps in your wardrobe, this cathartic practice will have you feeling like your best self for the year ahead.